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Quality Embroidery

The art of embroidery has been found worldwide. Several early examples of embroidery have been found in China and date all the way back to the 5th and 3rd century BC! Today, finding quality embroidery services continues to be a great way to make a lasting impression for your brand on a wide range of products.


Business Boosters has been providing quality embroidery services since 1983. Business Boosters has a full service embroidery facility in Trinidad & Tobago. We also provide embroidery services to customers in the United States from our offices in New Jersey. Business Boosters maintains relationships with some of the largest apparel manufacturers on the east and west coast of the United States. This allows us to offer you an excellent selection of apparel and apparel accessories throughout the united states.


We can help you on both large and small orders. We can help with orders which run into the thousands or short runs that require personalization for under a dozen items. Business Boosters can work with you on customized orders too. These may require stitching on specialized materials. We can also develop custom tags or labels for your garment items. Whatever your request, we have the experience, facilities and technology to provide some of the best quality embroidery services available today.


Our work is not limited to apparel. Many accessory items can be customized to provide a unique and lasting impression. These items include caps, hats, blankets, bags and towels. Within the area of apparel, we commonly embroider on fleece, coats, dress shirts, denim, golf shirts and more. Search the product section of website for a wide range of apparel and accessory items. You can also contact us, we’d be happy to research for you.


Advances in technology have created a lot of options to choose from. Embroidery can now provide a range of textures and 3D effects. When carefully specified and designed by our team, the results can be impressive, dazzling and fun. Whatever your brand requires, Business Boosters can work with you to create a lasting impression.


Business Boosters can also help with your artwork needs. We can modify difficult to read logos and illustrations to clean them up or streamline them. It is best to work with a logotype that is clean and free of distracting detail. This will have the best impact once applied to your garment or accessory. It will also provide the best readability for your brand across a range of materials.



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