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Colorful Promotional Tattoos

My kids love temporary tattoos. Any time they can get their hands on some you’ll find them with a sponge and some water. I don’t want to rain ton their parade, but promotional tattoos are not just for kids anymore. You can find many new products which will ship with a few extra “goodies”, why not include a promotional tattoo for your fans, followers, staff or customers? Need more reasons you should consider promotional tattoos as part of your next promotional product campaign? They are a great and inexpensive tool that can get people engaged with your brand. Promotional tattoos provide customers an added way to interact and touch your product or brand. The best news is that design ideas are limitless. A bit of creative time with our outstanding creative team will develop your promotional tattoos into a tasteful, eye-catching elements that will do a lot to promote your brand. Size, color and finish of promotional tattoos are flexible. We can help you develop a range of creative ideas to support your theme and bring your event to life. You just need to add water!