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LED Lighted Cap

A cap with lights? Yes. This LED lighted cap has two small but very bright LED lights tucked discreetly under the visor. It also has a small on and off button to turn them on and off. If you have tried headlamps, the kind you strap around your head, it’s time to try a cap with lights.


Known by its registered trade name “POWERCAP”, this LED lighted cap is very comfortable to wear and easy to use.


Just the other afternoon I went for a walk with my daughter and instinctively reached for my LED lighted cap before we left the house. I knew we might not finish our walk before dark. Sidewalks can be tricky to navigate once the sun goes down. With this special cap, we easily navigated several narrow paths and were also able to spot some deer.


Press on a corner of the visor and you have patented, hands-free, ultra bright LED technology to guide you. The LED lighted cap features include a low-beam and high-beam brightness. It is terrific for a range of uses from walks with the dog (making it really easy to pick up #2), to grilling, fishing, power outages or home improvement tasks. Especially useful to keep in the car for emergencies. The LED lighted comes in a range of styles. From all-purpose structured cotton to 3-panel running visor, lined fleece beanie, frayed canvas and even a lightweight mesh for jogging and more. Customize this product with embroidery to create a really unique promotional product. The LED lighted cap is an item that will be used for years. With intermittent use, the LED lights on the cap will last about 50 hours and batteries are easy to replace.


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