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Micro Brew Cooler

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There are a LOT of bags out there┬áso it can be difficult to find one worthwhile as a corporate gift or promotion. We’ve come to love the little Six Pack Micro Brew Cooler because it looks great and doesn’t claim to be all things to all people.┬áThe Six Pack Micro Brew Cooler is perfectly sized to shuttle your favorite micro brew to your local BYOB. It’s made of an iridescent ripstop material which is both strong and eye-catching. It has a nice little pocket up front, perfect for enclosing a note of appreciation to your staff or customers and it comes with a matching keyring bottle opener which adds to the useful, single-mindedness of this charming little micro brew cooler.


There are several options for dropping your corporate brand on this item. Choose from a single color imprint, 4 color printing, embroidery or an oval gel dome. So, consider the Six Pack Micro Brew Cooler and know that it will have many useful years promoting your business.