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Flip Flops & WIne

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Flip flops, we never thought we’d say it, but, flip flops have come a long way baby. We recently saw and purchased a pair with ‘logo sole’. Logo sole is where the bottom of the flip flop is cut out to reveal a second layer of the sole to exposing a word or image in a secondary color, it’s really neat. My pair, fittingly says “follow me” on one flip flop and “bring wine” on the other. You can imagine as I walk the beach where the sand is just right, people are reading “follow me bring wine”! I”m still waiting for that wine to show up but it is my first season wearing these so I”m hopeful.


The application of this flip flop as a promotional product has a lot of legs to say the least. In addition to the ‘logo sole’, a brand can apply a full photograph to the top portion of the flip flop and the end product is just fantastic. On the bottom, etch your brand or tagline into the ‘logo sole’ and the wearer of these flip flops will be leaving clever impressions across beaches everywhere. It is a fun, memorable and useful item which will certainly be used season after season with much affection.


I”m certain you can think of many applications for this promotional product, think tired feet after a trade show, convention or local 5k charity race. A well-desired chance to let the feet retire and kick back by the pool, spa or beach. To add to the presentation, custom bags are available and are the perfect way to not only carry these handy flip flops but to store them as well.


For fully customized logo sole versions of these flip flops – please allow enough time for design and production. Call for production time & price.