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Don’t want to hear us us blab on (really!) about promotional merchandise ideas, design and branding? No problem. Just scroll down on this page.


Ideas don’t always come easy. Is your day filled with deadlines, meetings, and other day-to-day priorities? If so, finding the best promotional merchandise ideas to promote your brand, thank clients or entice potential customers can quickly move way down your list of priorities.


Spending tons of time researching promotional merchandise ideas on the internet? Look no further. Business Boosters can help. We can save you time and money while developing great ideas around a strong promotional merchandise campaign that will meet or exceed your goals. Why not choose to have more hands on deck to help to grow your business?


The reality is, there are thousands of promotional items out there. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and costs. Some are seasonal, some are educational, some are flashy and some are tried and true. Each situation is unique. We generate many ideas and options to help you find the best fit for your organization. Each particular challenge you are trying to solve or audience you are trying to reach may require a fresh look to really help your business turn heads.


Not only that – wait for it…we are designers AND brand builders. We can bring real, deep experience to your team. We will give advice that others will not. We have over forty years of print and digital design experience behind us. We have worked with many businesses to help develop a strong brand and a clear set of brand standards. In short, we speak your language. We provide insight from our experience working with global brands like Jardine Foods, Unilever and Merck.


Need inspiration? So give us a try us. Give us an opportunity. We will be sure to get some great promotional merchandise ideas buzzing. And more!