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Chocolate, In Defense Of The Perfect Gift

Chemically speaking, chocolate is one of the perfect foods. This leads to an interesting story hailing back to before my promotional products stint. I started a small business managing small businesses. I was in charge of all things office related, including coming up with yearly customer gifts. A role I eagerly looked forward to and one where I believed I possessed a great skill for.


The truth is, it was not that difficult a task for me at all. At the time, I lived around the corner from an unbelievable chocolatier named Jacques Torres. People got trapped on the sidewalk in front of the storefront. Staring into the large windows, confectioners stirred large vats of silken goodness, I could smell the power they call chocolate. Here they assembled larger than life easter bunnies and carved solid chocolate hearts, so big, they could never hope to fit on the back of Mario Batali’s Vespa.

Maybe the perfect ‘token of appreciation’ for your clients is just around the corner from you!

My clients grew more and more impressed at my yearly gift pairings. These small golden boxes, wrapped with thick, colorful bows, worked their magic every time. The phone rang and thank you notes piled up on my bosses desks from delighted customers. A perfect time for them to reconnect with their clients. My skill as a corporate gift matchmaker was sealed. Chocolate symbolizes, as does no other food, luxury, comfort, sensuality, gratification, and love.


Maybe the perfect ‘token of appreciation’ for your clients is just around the corner from you! You just need to look around. And more importantly I do hope you are investing in the ‘pillars of client delight’ to become a juggernaut in your market! To get you started, here are some great chocolate gift ideas.

Deluxe Custom Caramel Apple Basket

Deluxe Caramel Apple Basket

Gift basket with eight caramel and chocolate-dipped Petite apples that can be customized with your company logo!

The Ultimate Tower

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Ultimate Chocolate Tower

This extravaganza begins with Butter Cream Croquettes and Peanut Butter Croquettes. Then Dark Chocolate Meltaways, Milk Chocolate Cookies and Cream Meltaways, Butter Creams, Cappuccino Meltaways and Dark Chocolate Maple Creams, and much more!

Two Pound Combo Bar

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2LB Milk And Dark Chocolate Combo

These unique bars feature a dark chocolate center highlighted by a milk chocolate background. This product is manufactured under the supervision of the Orthodox Union.

House Chcolate Chips

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house of chocolate chips

A real wooden stain finished doll house filled with chocolate chip cookies and milk chocolate tools. Can be personalized with a name and logo.


Godiva Chocolate & Gift Mug

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godiva chocolate gift mug

Godiva chocolates always make it the best. Godiva Chocolate Truffles and Godiva Almond Chocolate bar packaged inside this ceramic keepsake mug with your logo. Each mug is wrapped in clear cello and tied with a bow.

Wooden Crate With Custom Cookies

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wooden crates custom cookies

Hand-made pine crates filled with 6 or 12 customized logo sugar cookies. Choose from our rich Belgian milk or dark chocolate. Each crate comes with a one-color imprint of your name and/or logo on a sliding lid at no additional charge!

Custom Printed 12-Pack Chocolate Trio

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12-pack chocolate trio

This deluxe trio gift set combines 12 custom printed Trio Boxes in a large, full-color custom printed gift box. Each individual Trio Box contains 3 custom chocolate foiled pieces for a total of 36 pieces!

Belgian Chocolate Chess Set

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belgian chocolate chess set

Belgian chocolate chess set.

Giant 5 Pound Hershey Milk Chocolate bar.

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5 pound hershey chocolate bar

Custom wrapped 5 Pound Hershey Milk Chocolate bar. The factory-sealed candy bar is over-wrapped with your custom full-color wrapper. All bars are factory fresh.

2lb Executive Gift Bar

Empire Thermos and Cups With Ghirardelli Cocoa Set

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ghirardelli cocoa thermos cups